Cheap USB Pen Data Recovery

Our low cost USB Pen & Camera Flash Media Recovery Services can recover data from physically broken, formatted and deleted USB Pens & Camera cards. 

We have just received an 8GB USB pen with a broken connector. The customer started phoning around and was shocked by the costs he was given. He then called us and was pleased to hear that we only charged £90.00 if the rework was successful. This rework includes dismantling and repair of the USB Pen even when it appeared to be beyond repair.

The recovery was 100% successful.

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  1. the problem with Flash recovery is often consumers have no idea of what is involved in the recovery process. This, in addition to a huge number of companies advertising USB recoveries from as little as £49 causes massive confusion.

    In this case the repair seems to be a relatively straightforward repair. In cases requiring data recovery direct from the raw memory factors such as sector structures, ECC, assembly parameters, data mixes should be considered. The complexity required for this type of work is an alien concept to most consumers, many IT firms and even some small DR companies.

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