Apple Mac Data Recovery

MacBook Pro Data Recovery Boot AnimationWe spend most of our time recovering data from MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros. In fact, we are all long-term Mac users and run our whole office on Macs, so we know how crucial they are. If you need data recovered from your Mac, get in touch.

MacBook Pro Data Recovery / iMac Data Recovery / Mac Pro Data Recovery

Our Apple Mac data recovery services will have you up and running again in no time.

Improve Your Chances

For the best chance of recovery you need to follow a few simple steps. Don’t download any recovery software onto the drive. If you write any data to a failing drive, it could overwrite your important user data. Also don’t try to fix or repair any problems. Disk Utility or Disk Warrior can cause major unrecoverable problems if used on an unstable hard drive. The first priority is to copy the data to another drive, then you can try any fixes without risking the data.

Last Chance

When a hard drive fails, you sometimes only get one chance to extract the data. You don’t want to throw that chance away. We treat every drive as if it is our one and only chance to get the data. With that in mind, we aim to get off as much data, as fast and as safely as possible.

You May Need Apple Mac Data Recovery if You See Any of the Following on Screen

  • Black / grey / blue screen instead of computer booting
  • Endless loop of the Apple logo with spinning wheel below
  • No Entry sign on a grey screen
  • Grey screen with this message in multiple languages: “You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button for several seconds or press the Restart button.”

Also listen out for any clicking, ticking or grinding sounds. These can indicate a physical hard drive problem which could get a lot worse if you continue to power the drive.

We Recover Data From Mac Hard Drives That Have Failed From

  • Electronic damage
  • Water / fire damage
  • Drops / falls
  • Firmware faults
  • Component failure / deterioration
  • Deleted Files

If the data is recoverable, we can recover it.

If we recover data from your Mac, you may also be interested in our Mac Setup Process where we get your Mac up and running again with your data installed on a new drive.