iMac Data Recovery

If your iMac has failed and you need the data back, we can help. We have been recovering data from iMacs since they were first made. We still have a couple of the bubble shaped G3 iMacs here in our workshop. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to recover your data safely. It’s a good idea to contact us as early as possible to discuss your disk problem. Even if you plan to have the iMac looked at elsewhere first, we can at least give you some advice to prevent further data loss.

iMac Data Recovery ServicesWith modern iMacs, it can be difficult to see where there is even space for a hard drive, but there is (just about). Newer iMacs can have either 2.5″ hard drives, SSDs, or a combination of the two, known as a Fusion Drive. Fusion Drive is Apple’s software hybrid of hard disk & SSD, giving near SSD speeds and large hard drive capacities. If the hard drive is external, you may be more interested in our External Hard Disk Recovery Services.

Whatever type of drive you have in your iMac, we have a way to recover it.

iMac Data Recovery Problems We Solve

  • Failed updates to El Capitan etc
  • Clicking or other unexpected noises
  • Unable to boot into OS X, Stuck at grey spinner screen
  • Formatted disk or deleted files
  • No Entry or World symbol on Grey screen
  • Blue / Grey / Black screen
  • Fire or Flood damage

It doesn’t matter how your iMac failed, we should still be able to get the data back. You need to be careful what happens to your iMac next though, as most unrecoverable drives we receive are from previous failed recovery attempts. With a failing drive, you may only get one chance to take off the data before it gives up completely. Never attempt to fix, scan, repair, reload or update a failing drive if you need the data. It will only make things worse.

Apple iMac Data Recovery
Apple iMac Data Recovery

What You Get From Us

  • Safe Data Recovery of iMac drives by an Independent UK business.
  • Friendly phone support before, during, and after you use our service.
  • All costs agreed upfront. No unexpected bills.
  • Great success rates. Even for really bad drives.
  • All work carried out by us, in-house.
  • We never give up on a drive until all options are exhausted.
iMac Data Recovery
iMac Data Recovery

All of our staff are regular Mac users, and have been for years. This whole website was written on a Mac. We know Macs inside out, and have particular expertise recovering Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Pages & Numbers files.

Also if your iMac is out-of-warranty we can replace the disks & get you up and running again with our Mac Setup Service.