SSD Data Recovery Services

If you’ve lost data from an SSD (Solid State Drive), we can help get the data back. The skills & process we’ve developed over the last 20 years working with hard drives also applies to SSDs.

First things first. If you’ve got an issue with your SSD you should stop using it  and safely power it off as fast as possible. If the drive has failed it may reuse areas of your disk and damage the data you want back.

Economy Data Recovery

  • Free Diagnosis
  • Free USB Storage up to 64GB (while stocks last)
  • No Recovery - No Fee
  • Dedicated Recovery Engineers


This is our most popular service, suitable for PCs, Macs, and laptops. Get professional recovery from the most common causes of data-loss. We are proudly independent and carry out all work in-house.

Prices include VAT unless otherwise stated. If recovery is not possible under this service, there is no charge. You can choose to either continue with a cleanroom recovery, or cancel the job. If the free storage is not enough you can either pay for more, or supply your own.