Help! My Mac Won’t Start

Here is a simple flow chart for diagnosing Mac startup problems. This will help you find out if your hard drive is the cause. If it is then we can recover the data.

Help! My Mac Won't Start
Help! My Mac Won’t Start



An alternative text version is below:

1. Does it power on when you press the power button? If Yes go to (2) if No go to (3)

2. What colour is the display? If Blue or Grey go to (7) if black go to (4)
2a. If you see any of these icons – Mac Boot Fail Icons  go to (7)


3. Does the LED blink, or can you hear a beep? If Yes go to (5) if No go to (6)

4. Try an external monitor. You Mac may have a hardware fault. (END)

5. Check the Memory (RAM) is installed correctly. (END)

6. Check the battery and power lead are installed correctly. (END)

7. Your hard drive may be faulty. If you need the data back, contact us via

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