Broken USB Stick

I had a call on Friday from a very distraught lady who had dropped her laptop with her USB stick still plugged in. Unfortunately the USB stick took the brunt of the impact and all her work was no longer accessible. She contacted us and I reassured her that although the device was broken, we have a good chance of getting the data back.

With time spent on the Broken USB Stick over the course of the day on Saturday, I was able to recover all of the data. I managed to get the data back to her on Sunday morning, so she could carry on working ready for the week ahead. I was also pleased to find out that the information on the USB stick was part of her charity work for people with special needs.

The customer was local to us in Portsmouth so I had the pleasure in handing the recovered data to her personally.


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  1. Thanks a lot Dan for the suggestion, but I got my data retrieved from (link removed), because I was running out of time and my all the project presentation details were in that drive.

    Actually, I am an ad maker, I get deadlines to get my job done. 🙁

    But I will certainly keep this tip in mind and if in future again something happens, I will try this tip …

    Thanks again!!

  2. Difficult … But nice job done…

    I can completely understand that recovering data from a failed or a broken USB drive is not at all easy… but after reading your experience… seems you had fun doing this work.

    Could you please share how you managed to retrieve the data from the broken stick????

    1. Hi David. This particular one had snapped the USB connector off. It had also taken the solder pads with it, so we had to trace the circuit back to solder a new connector.

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