ATP 259: I Hired Myself

ATP – 259: I Hired Myself ?

TL;DR/L – Storage is hard. Move your data with you. Make redundant copies. Don’t trust manufacturer-quoted lifespans.

In this week’s Ask ATP, the guys got a question about long-term data storage. As my accidental pet subject, I always pay close attention to storage-related chat. Fortunately whenever our hosts talk about storage it’s from a thoughtful & sufficiently cautious point of view. They know that storage is unsafe, and then plan ways round it. After hearing their countless conversations about Synology & Backblaze I know I can always trust ATP on this topic.

I don’t have much to add to the discussion here. They covered the important stuff. If you’ve not listened already, it’s well worth your time. Also, before talking about data storage, there was some interesting discussion about Raspberry Pi , which is always cool.

Broken USB Stick

USB Broken Connector Data Recovery

I had a call on Friday from a very distraught lady who had dropped her laptop with her USB stick still plugged in. Unfortunately the USB stick took the brunt of the impact and all her work was no longer accessible. She contacted us and I reassured her that although the device was broken, we have a good chance of getting the data back.

With time spent on the Broken USB Stick over the course of the day on Saturday, I was able to recover all of the data. I managed to get the data back to her on Sunday morning, so she could carry on working ready for the week ahead. I was also pleased to find out that the information on the USB stick was part of her charity work for people with special needs.

The customer was local to us in Portsmouth so I had the pleasure in handing the recovered data to her personally.


What Is A Clean Room

Some parts of our data recovery process require us to open a hard drive for internal repairs.

John In Cleanroom

We have a walk in clean room area on site, that allows us to carry out the necessary rework. It consists of an overhead air shower unit with a sealed enclosure that cleans and circulates the air within a specified tolerance. To keep particles to a minimum we wear a gown, gloves, and face mask to prevent contamination from outside.

All hard drives are built in a clean room environment. Keeping small air particles out is crucial due the the complexity of the internal mechanism and tiny tolerance between the moving mechanical parts and internal disc surface that holds your data. When a hard drive requires any internal repair, it is critical that this work is carried out in a clean room.

See our video about why you should never open a hard drive without a cleanroom.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015

Christmas Header

Just a quick post today to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015. We will be setting up some new equipment over the Christmas break to keep up with the latest hard drive failures. We will also be enjoying some much-deserved time off. If you have an urgent data recovery problem then please get in touch – we will still be taking calls & e-mails over the break. For anything less urgent, enjoy Christmas & New Year and we look forward to hearing from you in 2016!

Show or Hide Mac Files – Simple Bash Scripts

Had to make these little scripts today.
All they do is change AppleShowAllFiles to either YES or NO and then relaunch the Finder.

No warranties for this, just thought it may help somebody out. 

WARNING: This May Not Work, Or May Break Something. Keeping it online for reference only. 

Script contents below:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO
killall Finder && open /System/Library/CoreServices/

You may need to chmod +x to get these to run.

Download Show Hide Mac Files / Folders Download removed as I no longer use this, and I’m not sure if it still works. 

iPhone Skype Warning

Cult of Mac have warned of an exploit in the Skype app which allows hackers to execute code on your device simply by sending a chat message. iPhone and iPod Touch are both affected. Skype is apparently aware of the problem and will be fixing it soon. Meanwhile be careful!

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Farewell Steve Jobs

As long time Mac users we want to pay tribute to the man behind the iconic Macs we use every day. Our business depends on Macs and also makes our daily office work that much more bearable. Hopefully Tim Cook is able to continue with the innovation and attention to detail that we all love.

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