Maxtor 2B020H1 & 6E040L0 Drives

Slim Maxtor hard disk data recovery
Slim Maxtor hard disk data recovery

These Maxtor slimline drives are only 16mm deep compared to the usual 22mm depth for 3.5″ hard drives. This may be the reason they have been so popular in recent years. Sometimes known as “Fireball 3” or “DiamondMax Plus 8” drives, they are unfortunately prone to a number of different types of failure. One of the most common fail symptoms of these drives is for them to be identified in the BIOS by an unusual name like “Maxtor N40P” instead of the drive model number. This unusual name is known as the “factory alias” or drive “family name”. When a drive displays it’s factory alias it often means it was unable to complete it’s start-up routine, which it needs to carry out to allow you to access your data. Causes range from failed PCB components, a damaged motor, or the most common cause which is system area corruption. When these drives are functioning correctly, they will remap any bad sectors they find, and save the list of bad sectors to a log file. This works fine for a while but after some time the log can become full. When this happens, there is nowhere left for the bad sectors to be mapped to, so the log file becomes corrupt. The next time you turn on your PC, the drive will attempt to read the log file and fail, displaying the factory alias instead of the model number. I have included a list of affected drive model numbers below:

  • 2B020H1
  • 6E040L0
  • 2F040L0
  • 2F030J0
  • 2F040J0
  • 6E030L0
  • 2F020J0

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