Mac Setup

Sometimes getting back your data is not quite enough. It can be a lot of work putting everything back into its rightful place so we developed a Mac Setup Process (Sorry Windows Users).

If we get a full recovery then we can copy the data to a new hard drive, and get it up and running again in your Mac. The new drive will be the same capacity or larger than your original and we aim to get everything as close as possible to the way it was before the failure. In many cases this means your photos will be back in Photos (or iPhoto), and your music back in iTunes, along with the playlists and play counts intact. In some cases you might not even notice it’s a new drive.

What we need from you:

  • Failed hard drive for recovery.
  • The Mac it came from (If it’s still installed we can remove it).
  • The power cable.
  • A signed shipping form (contact us for one).

What we need from your drive:

We need to be able to recover the data with the original structures intact. For random hardware failures this is usually OK. If you have deleted or formatted the drive then we won’t be able to get things back exactly as they were. We should still be able to recover most of the data and supply it on an external hard drive instead.

How long does it take?

The Mac Setup can take a few extra days on top of the recovery process. It depends how well the recovery goes, and how it transfers. Sometimes we need to manually copy a lot of data, which takes more time to test.

What if it’s not possible?

If we are unable to make a full recovery then we can still supply you with a new hard drive, and get the data put into relevant places. It won’t be the same as before, but it will be a good starting point. We can also supply the data on an external hard drive instead. Have a chat with us and see what’s best.

Please Note

Although we attempt to get the Mac back to original condition, some data does not migrate well. Certain software may need to be reinstalled from the original disks or downloads. Some software contains copy-protection to prevent it being transferred from one disk to another.


Although we use brand new drives, they are just as (un)reliable as any other. It is important to make a backup or two as soon as possible, to save you from sending it back to us if things go wrong. We only keep a copy here for six weeks, so it’s important to get it sorted ASAP. Even a week-old hard drive can fail.

Additional fees apply for the Mac Setup Service.