When we send back your recovered data, we know it can take a while to get everything sorted out. That’s why we keep a copy of your data on our server for up to six weeks. If you have a problem within that time we can arrange to send out another copy of the data (subject to postage fees etc). After six weeks we securely erase any copies of your data, and remove all trace from our servers. This is good for data protection, and good for recycling server space for new jobs.

So now what?

Automatic backup on a Mac is easy using Time Machine, which comes installed as part of the system. You can use any empty hard drive for time machine, you don’t even need to get an Apple-specific one. On Windows you can use the Backup feature that is in most versions since Vista. (If you still run Windows XP, you should probably have upgraded by now.)

Any of your hard drives, SSDs, iPhones or memory sticks could fail at any time, and without any warning. Copy important data to as many different places as possible. You can even e-mail important files to yourself, or sign up for a free dropbox account for small amounts of data.


Cloud is a word that gets floated around a lot now, but it basically means an online server. There are quite a few options but we’ve heard nothing but good things about Backblaze. Even if you already have a backup drive, Backblaze will protect you from all sorts of problems like theft, floods, or fires that could take out all of your data in one go. Backblaze gives you unlimited storage and because they are based in the US, the $5 monthly fee is even less when converted to £ Sterling!

iPhones & iPads

Just because they don’t have hard drives, doesn’t mean iPhones & iPads won’t fail. In fact, carrying them around all day could mean they are more likely to drop into a puddle, or get stolen from your pocket. Apple has cut the price of iCloud storage so you can now get 50GB for £0.79 per month. That’s less than a tenner per year for constant online backups of your photos, messages, and whatever else you keep on your devices.

The only downside to backing up your data is that you won’t need to speak to us again. Unless you want to call for a chat, which is fine 🙂

Spread the word and get backing up!