Hampshire Data Recovery

Near the centre of Portsmouth, we are the only Hampshire Data Recovery company in the area. We have been recovering data locally and nationally for over ten years.

Local Drop Off

Our office is in Copnor, Portsmouth. By using our Hampshire data recovery services you can save money on postage, avoid risking your hard drive to the postal system, and get the support of a local company. We can take your hard drive in person, but please call / e-mail to arrange a time with us first. Also make sure you’ve had a look at our services.

Hampshire Data Recovery
Hampshire Data Recovery

Hampshire Data Recovery

We frequently recover data from local clients based in Hampshire and the surrounding area. From our office in Portsmouth we also recover data on a national basis. If you need data recovered from your hard drive, we can do it.

When a hard drive fails you may see any of these messages:

  • Black / grey screen instead of computer booting
  • Endless loop of the Windows logo and animation
  • Endless loop of the Apple logo with spinning wheel animation
  • SMART failure predicted
  • Checking filesystem on C:

Also listen out for any clicking, ticking or grinding sounds. These can indicate a physical hard drive problem which could get a lot worse if you continue to power the drive.

We can recover data from hard drives that have failed from:

  • Electronic damage
  • Water / fire damage
  • Drops / falls
  • Firmware faults
  • Component failure / deterioration

If the data is recoverable, our Hampshire data recovery services will get you back up and running again.