Data Recovery Partnership & Reselling

Data Recovery Partnership & Reselling
Data Recovery Partnership & Reselling

A large chunk of our work comes from IT Support companies and service providers. Engineers and repairers are always likely to see failed drives, so we can help if that sounds like you. We’re always available by phone, and with no sales team to navigate through you get to talk directly to our engineers.

Partner Benefits

Predictable: Our fixed pricing makes it ideal to pass on to clients. No need to worry about the bill increasing later on.

Easy: You don’t even need to act as the middle person. If you send people directly to us, we work with them and then update you when we’re finished.

Informal: You don’t need to sign or commit to anything. Just start sending drives, and stop whenever you want.

Unlimited: We have no limits on the number of drives you send us. Some partners send us only one or two jobs per year, where others send drives on a weekly basis. The quality of service we provide is the same.

Safe: We’ve developed our recovery process over many years with an emphasis on safety. We always aim to get the largest amount of data from a failed drive in the safest way. Usually this means taking the data off as fast as possible, but sometimes it means using the slow and steady approach.