Flood and Water Damaged Hard Drives

Flood Damage Data Recovery

With the recent floods in the United Kingdom, it is important to know that time can be a critical factor when trying to recover data from mechanical hard drives that have been submerged or damaged by water. Most mechanical hard drives have breather holes that may allow water to enter the hard drive enclosure if submerged. If this is the case then the longer the hard drive is left in this condition the worse the internal damage. Even if the hard drive is left to dry out, internally the damage has already been done. Our advice is not to try this if the data is critical to you or your business.

Any water damage hard drives that we receive go straight into our clean room environment to be dismantled and dried out internally. The hard drives external electronics would also require a cleaning process to prevent any electrical shorting caused by the water residue.

Although Solid Sate Hard Drives ( SSD ) do not have any mechanical moving parts, they are still prone to damage to the data chips and electronics by residue left by the water. Very much as mechanical hard drives they would require dismantling and specialist cleaning to ensure no electrical shorting of components.

Data Recovery in Birkenhead

Being born and bred in Birkenhead, I wanted to let you local Birkonian’s know of our data recovery services. Although now based in Costa del Portsmouth we cover all towns and cities in the UK. We may not be local, but with the low cost in transport and courier services, it makes using a company you can trust the sensible thing to do. I already know the lingo so hopefully already halfway there. So Cum ‘ed den try using our services, I would be chuffed if you did.


Spilt Coffee Liquid Damaged Laptop Hard Drive

Spilt Coffee Liquid Damaged Laptop Hard Drive

Once again we had an enquiry from a customer who was at her wits end and wanted a second opinion. She had spilt coffee on her laptop that had all her family photographs. She had taken it to PC World where she had originally bought it. They advised her to use their internal recovery process, and sent it off for analysis. She was eventually told that there was no chance of recovering her data from the liquid damaged hard drive. But fortunately for her, against the advice she received, she decided to search online for another data recovery company. This is where we came in. Although the hard drive was covered in sticky coffee and damaged by the liquid, we were able to overcome the problem and recover all of the data for the customer. Once again another happy customer as a result of a second opinion. This is becoming a habit.

OS X Lion

Apple have announced it’s new and most advanced operating system to date. Due to release in July and with over 250 new features, including Multi-touch Gestures. OS X Lion is a snip at around £21, surely the buy of the year so far.

WD Caviar Black -FAST 1TB

Finally. A 7200rpm drive with 1TB of storage from Western Digital. (Didn’t we already have one of those?) Anyway, they are touting this as the fastest 3.5″ SATA drive on the market. It does have a 32MB cache and a 5 year warranty so it may be a good choice for those wishing to up their storage capacity. I am starting to warm to Western Digital as their recent offerings seem to be stylish, fast and stable. (And I have one in my iMac that i would hate to have a failure!)

Identity Fraud

What happens to your hard drive once it is replaced under warranty?
This is the question we are being asked by our customers once we have recovered data from their hard drive. Is there a process in place which is used by resellers or drive manufacturers, that ensures your data does not fall into the wrong hands?
Watch this space for further information……..

Hitachi Talks of 4TB Drives

Hitachi has apparently just started talking of their latest breakthrough in ridiculously HUGE capacity hard drives. These 4TB 3.5″ drives feature read/write heads that are 2,000 times smaller than a human hair. They also go on to mention that the same techology would allow a 1TB 2.5″ drive.

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Americans Start Stockpiling Hard Drives

It would appear that the ITC has launched a patent investigation concerning five manufacturers that could mean higher costs and supply difficulties in the states. The patents owned by a Californian couple cover the use of ceramic bonding tips on the internal wiring of the drives. Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard and Dell are all in the frame for importing the drives into America. In my opinion it looks like the patent only covers a very obvious progression in the manufacturing process which would likely have been reached independently. We should see how this pans out in the next few weeks.

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