White Label Data Recovery & Reselling

APFS Data Recovery

If you’d like to offer professional data recovery to your customers, we have a white label service that puts you in control. There are no contracts to sign. Just send us disks to recover and receive discounted recovery fees.


  • No contracts or quotas. Just start sending right away.
  • Direct access to our engineers (not just sales people) by phone and e-mail.
  • Priority turnaround where possible.
  • No need to setup and install your own recovery software or hardware.
  • Access to the latest data recovery techniques & solutions with zero upfront cost.
  • Data Recovery insider e-mails. We share trends or data recovery issues to keep you ahead of current problems.

Data Recovery Partnership

If you prefer a different style of partnership, you can cut yourself out of the picture completely. Just refer users to us using your unique partner reference and receive a 10% commission if the job is a success. Leave us to deal with the back & forth directly with the end-user from start to finish. Read more about traditional data recovery partnership here.

Who We Are

Dataquest have been operating since 1998, and as a limited company since 2000. We have top-class cleanroom & firmware repair facilities, and the invaluable knowledge to use them effectively. We have a load of great reviews over here.

Free Trial

There are no contracts so it’s easy to give us a try. We’re pretty sure you’ve never dealt with a data recovery company like us before. If you like what we do, you can keep using our services. If not, you’re free to try somewhere else, no hard feelings. We’ll probably ask what we could have done better though.

To get started, download your free starter pack, and contact us for a partner code.

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