Recover Hard Drive

You may need to recover hard drive data when your computer fails to boot. Or maybe your external hard drive has stopped working. Don’t risk losing all the data.

Get Your Data Back.

Recover Hard Drive
Recover Hard Drive

We spend all day everyday recovering data from laptops, PCs and Macs. We know all about current hard drive technology and can explain everything in as much (or as little) detail as you want. If you need data recovered from your hard drive, we can do it.

To recover hard drive data, you need to be careful to avoid further problems. Don’t download any recovery software onto the drive, and don’t try to “fix” or “repair” any problems. When a drive is failing, your first priority is to copy the data to another drive. If that fails then the sooner you get the drive recovered, the better the chances of a full recovery.

When a hard drive fails, you sometimes only get one chance to extract the data. You don’t want to miss that chance by trying to fix things. We treat every drive as if it is the last chance. With that in mind, we aim to get off as much data, as fast and as safely as possible.

When a hard drive fails you may see any of these on screen

  • Black / grey screen instead of computer booting
  • Endless loop of the Windows logo and animation
  • Endless loop of the Apple logo with spinning wheel below
  • SMART failure predicted
  • Checking filesystem on C:

Also listen out for any clicking, ticking or grinding sounds. These can indicate a physical hard drive problem which could get a lot worse if you continue to power the drive.

We can recover hard drives that have failed from

  • Electronic damage
  • Water / fire damage
  • Drops / falls
  • Firmware faults
  • Component failure / deterioration

If the data is recoverable, we can recover it. Use the form to book in your drive.