Premium Data Recovery

Emergency recovery.

The Premium process is our fastest recovery service. Emergency jobs take priority over all other jobs. We will even work outside of normal hours on evenings and weekends to get the data back as fast as possible.


  • Turnaround in usually 24 to 48 hours for single drives. This depends on the complexity of the failure.
  • Engineers will work round the clock on your drive.
  • No extra fees for cleanroom repairs


Flat rate including cleanroom work if required:

  • £180 (£150 Ex VAT) Emergency diagnosis. Required in advance to cover out of hours work.
  • £720 (£600 Ex VAT) Flat rate recovery fee. Only payable if the recovery is successful.

Due to the time-critical nature of emergency work, we use a flat recovery fee. This allows us to carry out any necessary cleanroom rework without requesting additional authorisation. As a result, we can often get the data back much faster than usual.