Impossible Data Recovery

Our whole business revolves around recovering data, but there are some failures that are just not recoverable. It’s best to know when you’re chasing a lost cause, so I have compiled some info about impossible data recoveries. If you are using a hard drive now and don’t already have a backup then stop reading and …

External Hard Disk Recovery

You may need our External Hard Disk Recovery services if you can no longer access your external hard disk. External USB, eSATA, or Firewire drives are more likely to get damaged than static / non-portable drives. We often carry out external hard disk recovery from dropped drives, drives knocked from a table, trodden on, or …

LaCie Big Disk Recovery

With their designer looks and an abundance of different interfaces, it is no surprise that they are so popular. There is however one main reason that people send us their drives, and that is because they are not working.

Seagate Mutant Hybrid Drives

Hard disk manufacturer Seagate is reportedly working on combining cheap unreliable solid state storage technology with more expensive and reliable technology to bring low cost SSD’s to consumers. At least we won’t be seeing any more of those savage 2.5″ Momentus drive head crashes! Read On Engadget