Recover Deleted Photos

When photos are deleted they are usually recoverable. But, if the photos are important, STOP! As soon as possible. Most damage occurs after the files have been deleted. A failed recovery could overwrite the data and mean you’ll never get it back.

Recover Deleted Photos
Recover Deleted Photos

Your way forward depends on where the pictures were stored.

If the photos were on a camera memory card like an SD card or Compact Flash Card then have a look at our Flash Media Recovery Service.

If the photos were on a laptop, desktop or external hard drive then our Hard Disk Data Recovery Services will apply.

Deleted Photo Recovery Checklist

You can print and keep this checklist to help with the recovery.

  • Stop using the drive straight away. If it’s a hard drive switch it off, if it’s a USB drive then eject it. Put it somewhere safe.
  • If you think you have the files somewhere else then check. Don’t touch the deleted drive until you know you have the data safely stored elsewhere.
  • Don’t write any data to the drive. If the files are on a hard drive then even booting it up and browsing the internet can cause the deleted photos to be overwritten. (Web browsers store data to disk.)
  • If you try DIY recovery then don’t install any software to the drive, and never recover the data back to the drive. Save it to another place until you’ve checked it.

We can recover your deleted photos, but nobody can recover photos that are overwritten.

How we work

  1. Contact us for a job number & shipping form
  2. Send / deliver the drive using your job number & shipping form
  3. We will recover the deleted photos & get them back to you safely