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If we recover a good amount of your data, the easiest way to get your Mac running again is using the Migration Assistant – a standard Apple utility included with all modern versions of Mac OS X.

The process for restoration varies a little bit depending upon how your Mac is currently set up.

Best Case Scenario:

If you have a new hard drive with a fresh system installed, and have not yet clicked through the Setup Assistant screens follow this guide. >>>

2nd Best Case Scenario:

If you have a new hard drive and have set it up with a username you will need to follow this slightly more complicated guide. >>>

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Published on 9th November, 2011 by Dan Dilloway , Updated on 26th May, 2016

Dan has been a data recovery engineer at Dataquest International Ltd for over 8 years. When not recovering data, Dan can often be found writing articles, maintaining this website, or riding his old bicycle around Portsmouth.

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