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Published on 8th March, 2012 by Dan Dilloway , Updated on 16th February, 2016

Dan has been a data recovery engineer at Dataquest International Ltd for over 8 years. When not recovering data, Dan can often be found writing articles, maintaining this website, or riding his old bicycle around Portsmouth.


  • Roger Stanley says:

    Reliable & trustworth service – when you need it! Keep up the good work

  • Neville Penter says:

    Excellent service, even though Dataquest were unable to fully recover my data they handled the process in an exemplary manner. I would not hesitate to use them again should the need arise

  • David says:

    We are extremely grateful to DataQuest for recovering a large amount of data that we thought we had lost due to a disc crash. They also installed a new disc for us. We would definitely recommend them.

  • Gavin says:

    These guys offer a truly great service, being extremely professional, friendly, and helpful. From the very first telephone conversation it was made extremely clear to me what the process was and how much it would cost and they continued to keep me updated with the progress at regular intervals. They were very knowledgeable and were happy to answer all my questions when I sought their advice.

    I would gladly recommend DataQuest to anybody that needs data recovered and will not hesitate to use them again myself.

  • Graham Barrett says:

    Brilliant service, friendly, reassuring, competitive and quick. I will definitely use Dataquest again for any computer problem

  • Simon Chivers says:

    Brilliant service – very friendly and helpful throughout. Would highly recommend.

  • Simon Stoner says:

    Very professional, prompt and personal service. Data recovered quickly and efficiently. Great job!

  • Katie says:

    Brilliant service!!
    Competitive pricing and very friendly. Would definitely use them again!

  • Graham Hill says:

    Excellent service, very promptly and professionally dealt with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

  • Farrukh says:

    Excellent service, flexible, professional, with a fabulous turn around. No hesitation in recommending them.

  • Angela Mitchell says:

    Excellent service – I felt I could trust the chaps at Dataquest from the start, open and honest, exactly what I’m after. They spent ages just identifying what files they could get, then still gave me the option whether i wanted to continue. All now safely on 2 new external hard drives, which they opened and gave me guidance on. Vast amounts of unidentified data to go through,in time, but am confident all photos are there and most other ‘stuff’. Thank you so much, Dataquest. Saved my bacon!!!!

  • Trevor Blackshaw says:

    Photos recovered, excellent service.

  • George Wilson says:

    First class service and about half the price of other quotes!

    Kept updated at each turn AND when ‘all hope was lost’ they kept trying and eventually ‘rescued’ the majority of my external hard drive.

    I highly recommend Dataquest International!

  • Alan Gale says:

    Photos I thought were permanently gone, Dataquest managed to get most of them back. Still trying to put some of them back in their correct places but no rush for that though. Excellent service. Thanks Guys.

  • Tessa Olson says:

    A failed backup meant a potential loss of a data archive gathered over 5 years. I think it is possibly the only time that a piece of technology has brought me to tears, and life seemed very bleak.

    The Dataquest team not only restored my data, but they were quick, helpful, knowledgeable AND they were less expensive than the higher profile disk supplier.

    I cannot thank John and the team enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • David Ferguson says:

    After destroying the partition on a Linux 4 Disk raid array with our life’s photos and videos as well as important work data I feared the worst.

    I quick call to Dataquest 2 hours later and I dropped off the disk’s (over a weekend mind you), they went to work straight away on Monday and by the middle of the week all my data was retrieved.

    I would highly recommend as they really did save my bacon (data)

    David Ferguson – Verticalsoft Limited.

  • Mike Johnson says:

    Recovered all the data from my fried disc.
    Fast, efficient, friendly service. I have no hesitation in recommending Dataquest.

  • Mary Ive says:

    Highly recommended. I have no hesitation in recommending Dataquest International.
    I accidentally broke my USB stick when my laptop fell on to the floor. I was devastated, as it contained lots of files and some irreplaceable photographs.
    We found this company through an Internet search. The gentleman not only managed to retrieve all of my files, and photographs, but downloaded them on to a terabyte for me, and this was done in just over 24 hours! I was so relieved!

  • Richard Barclay says:

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dataquest when you need to recover lost data that you think is not recoverable.
    The web site is very clear about the process and costs involved, so no nasty surprises!
    Dan and John are very friendly, helpful and professional, they kept me informed via email as progress was made and successfully recovered all our lost data.
    I will certainly recommend Dataquest to anyone who needs to recover lost data.

  • Helen Ellis-Brown says:

    A professional and efficient service

  • Graham Whitehead says:

    A very friendly and competent service….highly recommended.

  • Jo Smith says:

    I received friendly, polite service and they were able to retrieve the data from my snapped memory stick very quickly putting my mind at rest. Everything was there, which was a huge relief. I am very grateful to them.

  • Paul Killinger says:


  • Steven Gill says:

    My heart sank the morning I turned on the laptop, plugged in the hard drive and waited, then waited some more, the hard drive I had only been using the day before was not not being seen by the laptop, it then dawned on me how much of my life was on that drive, work, personal and so many photo memories.
    Rather than battle on myself and probably cause untold damage I contacted Dataquest and arranged a drop to drop off the drive. John was very sympathetic to my problem and was able to extract the data on the drive and transfer to a new drive.
    Not everything transferred successfully (some photos within Apples Photo app, but this was something I was expecting, and more down to my lack of housekeeping when the drive was good…
    I can’t express how extremely grateful I am to the recovery of the drive. I wholeheartedly recommend the service provided.

  • Steve Raines says:

    Very efficient service performed in the time quoted, at the cost quoted and the quality quoted.

  • I honestly cannot speak highly enough of the team at Dataquest; from start to finish they were professional, helpful and friendly – an absolute delight to deal with. Not only did they recover my data for an extremely reasonable fee, they kept me informed as to what was happening at all times, and were only too happy to answer my daft questions. They’re absolute experts; I’d previously been told that my data was un-recoverable, but they went out of their way to make sure I got everything back safely. I couldn’t be happier, and I’d never go anywhere else for anything computer-related again. Absolute stars.

  • Patrick says:

    Great service from start to finish and very pleased with what John and his team have done in recovering my data which I feared was lost. No hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs to get important data back, very professional and done quickly as well.

  • Mike Hopwood says:

    Prompt feedback following an initial enquiry which was really pleasing. The member of staff I worked with was helpful, polite and extremely professional. Have passed their company details to work colleagues, should they ever need help with data retrieval.

  • Mary Pudney says:

    DataQuest offer a friendly and professional service – there isn’t anything they won’t do to help recover important files or photos. They are brilliant.

  • Matt Bayley says:

    DataQuest are amazing, we sent 7 HDD’s in a unknown raid configuration and with a failed hard drive, they managed to recover all the information we needed and more! I believed it was an impossible task, but obviously these guys know their stuff and are miracle workers! I thank the team at DataQuest and would recommend them to anyone!

  • Lee says:

    Excellent service. Good clear communication. Kept me posted on progress and did exactly what I needed.

  • Karin says:

    After having been told my drive cold not be fixed i was recommended Dataquest, they managed in 1 day to sort the issue, transfer all my data, which was precious film material to a new drive and all worked 100%!
    I highly recommend them.

  • Thomas Eeles says:

    Once again have been amazing, quick recovery and brilliant communication. All at a great price. Recommended!

  • Antony says:

    Professional – proactive – courteous. Open and clear regarding costs.

  • Graham says:

    Excellent value for thorough and professional work. Recovered data and restored machine coupled with good preventative advice

  • Mr Rae Jones says:

    Excellent professional service. Recovered all of my data I thought was lost forever. Have recommended to several of my friends. Any further problems I will definitely go here first. Thank you

  • Robyn Tourino says:

    After taking over 3000 photos on a school trip to South Africa and saving them all on the hard drive, we feared the worst when the hard drive would not open. I rang Dataquest initially because they were the closest, however the service they gave and communication we had during the recovery, was fantastic. I would definitely recommend them or use them again should I need to.

  • Sandie O'Neil says:

    Excellent service from Dataquest with good communication throughout on progress of recovery. Vital documents restored including all of my photographs which of course are priceless. I have already recommended Dataquest to several of my friends. If I find myself in trouble again they would be the only people I would use.

  • Peter Mosse says:

    Usual thing – thought it would never happen to me. This time it was the external backup drive that went, 5 yr old WD. Trouble was it had all my photos on which I had decided to offload from my PC! Anyway, free quote, efficient service, flexible delivery, all recovered and good advice along the way. Suspect it would have been more expensive elsewhere but its the personal contact, experience and recommendation that counts. I was given the contact, had an excellent experience and now strongly recommend it.

  • Jane Mulholland says:

    Having feared we’d lost some data forever, spoke to Dataquest – a real person who understood. Result – they came up trumps and recovered all of it, quickly, and managed NOT to make me feel a complete numpty for losing it in the first place. Truly grateful on both counts! Would recommend Dataquest to anyone going through a “data lost” drama!

  • zoe goble says:

    Very, very happy with the service. At first I took the hard drive to a local computer repair shop who said all my data was not recoverable….however Dataquest managed to recover everything even when it was encrypted!

    Fast, superb, friendly service and hopefully I wont have to use them again….but accidents do happen……… they would be my 1st and only choice.

    Thank you so much.

  • Chloe Atkins says:

    We had a catastrophic loss of 25 years worth of archive data. 2 discs on our NDS were fried not to mention a number of other communication faults. Our normal support company were unable to help. DataQuest recovered all of our data and saved the day. They were quick, efficient and sympathetic!

  • David Lowe says:

    Absolutely superb. Data recovered, copied to new hard drive and mailed back. Thank you.

  • Jane says:

    I dropped my external hard drive and our IT specialist at work could not recover my data. I contacted this company and was able to drop my hard drive off to them in person. I got a prompt response and options for repair with costs, (the initial diagnosis is free). My repair was more complicated and required an internal rebuild but all data was recovered and within one week I had all my files restored onto a new hard drive. Communication was excellent and I was impressed with the process from beginning to end

    I am now going to back up everything onto a laptop…………………….regularly, plus look after my external hard drive as advised……

    Big thanks for a great professional service!

  • Sophie Gibbs says:

    So happy with the service from Dataquest, always very helpful and good with communicating progress of work. Would not hesitate to use them again and to recommend to friends.

  • Judith Christie says:

    Lost data was the culmination of 3 years postgraduate research and while the user had it backed up in various forms, he did not have the last few weeks which contained his final submitted thesis. Recovery saved his sanity and the affordable cost kept the staff in charge of budgets. Very many thanks

  • Fast, easy and efficient service once again. Thank you very much. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

  • Pete Douglas says:

    Great service as usual – have used Dataquest many times and always found great care is taken and successful results always achieved. Very happy with the service

  • Sarah says:

    Fantastic service, really understanding of the stressful situation I was in as I lost very important documents! They were very efficient with their service and had all my data back within 24 hours. Would highly recommend!

  • P Baker says:

    My WD External Hard Drive recently came crashing to the ground. Whilst it worked fine for about an hour after it then gave up the ghost. The hard drive wouldn’t connect to any laptop.

    The guys at Dataquest were brilliant. I used the two week recovery option. They kept me up to date with the process via email. Every single photo file, music file and more was recovered.

    I would highly recommend using Dataquest.

  • Hayley says:

    Absolutely awesome! Recovered all my data that I thought I had lost! Fantastic communication throughout the recovery and completely hassle free. Highly recommended. Thank you.

  • David Baxter says:

    Great job managed to recover my hard drive when i thought all was lost well done

  • Jude Diggins says:

    Professional efficient service with good communication throughout. All data retrieved. Thank you

  • Daryl says:

    As always, a great service from a great company. These guys are always helpful and get the job done. I will definitely use them again when I need data recovering that I can’t do myself.

  • Stephen Normanton says:

    My laptop had tea spilt on it ten years ago. A company then told me it was irreparable and all data lost. I kept the hard drive as I hoped that one day I would get my five years of lost family photos back. I came across dataquest’s website and the claims they made about their data recovery capabilities and my hopes were raised. They were successful and I am thrilled with the outcome. I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone with data recovery needs.

  • Nigel says:

    I Should have come here first. I spent days worrying whilst others told me data was lost. Dataquest calmly and professionally told me they really felt they could help….and they did! Delighted with the service.

  • Chris Kimbangi says:

    Excellent service. Recovered all data. Good customer communication throughout service and afterwards. Thank you

  • Anna wildman says:

    Dataquest were the third company I tried and I wish I’d gone there first. All data recovered despite it being diagnosed by others as impossible. Thoroughly professional fast and courteous service. Totally recommended.

  • James Morris says:

    I would recommend these guys to anyone that has lost their data from their hard drive. Very professional service and managed to recover all of our data when we believed it to be lost for good. Also kept us updated throughout the whole recovery process, which was greatly appreciated.

  • Denise Talbot says:

    I would not hesitate in recommending Dataquest. Kept me informed throughout the recovery process. They recovered all data & much quicker than I expected. Thank you.

  • Kevin Jones says:

    Amazing Service, and always very professional and friendly.

  • Barbara Vijayakumar says:

    I thought I had lost all my work when my hard drive suddenly crashed including films. I was devastated and went into complete shock but John and the team managed to recover everything which was a huge relief,

    They are excellent to work with, very good at their job and fast.
    Brilliant company! Thank you.

  • Carl Niblett says:

    Had a catastrophic failure of our 8Tb Raid 5 Apple server, we got Dataquest involved in this situation. They found it a difficult problem to overcome due to the nature of the failure, however, within 10 days they had recovered all the lost data and returned it to us along with the defective drives. Well done chaps and a great relief to everyone here. I would recommend their services to anyone in their hour of need!

  • John Rees says:

    When 4 gig of mail history seemed lost, the guys at Dataquest quietly recovered and returned everything from my damaged hard drive. What can I say other than a very big thank you. John.

  • Jan Blackwell says:

    Fantastic service from Dataquest International – very friendly, helpful and professional service. My hard drive suffered a rather catastrophic failure and all my accounts were retrieved and saved – I cannot begin to describe the relief! Thanks to the team at Dataquest International I am now “up and running” again.

  • Katerina says:

    I had some very important digital files stored in a hardrive that suddenly gave up. Dataquest International immediately gave me the right information, talked me through my choices and successfully got all my data back. The service was fast, effective and good value. Thank you for getting my work back!

  • Alison Finlay says:

    I have been an IT professional since 1980 so I do know a quality IT team when I meet them. Dataquest staff are very professional and certainly know what they are doing. A great find.

    They recovered my husband’s secretary’s backup hard drive when others could not. The contents were neatly delivered back to us in the time they promised.

    Great chaps to know.

  • Steve Lillington says:

    I had a number of DVDs which had not been finalised when originally recorded on a no longer available DVD recorder, hence the DVDs would not play or copy. Dataquest processed the DVDs and recovered the lost data. I found the service helpful, friendly and very professional at all stages of the activity, I was kept completely informed on the progress throughout the period

  • Jade Pollock says:

    Excellent service- very quick and professional. I can’t thank the team enough for the data they recovered! I will be recommending your company to family and friends should they ever need a friendly and reliable data recovery service.

  • Ngozi Igweani-Gilmartin says:

    Thank you to Dan, John and the lady on the phone (sorry never got your name) for an exceptional service. My memory stick got damaged late on a Fri. night and my computer specialist recommeded Dataquest Intl. Even with the Easter bank holidays just over the corner + a day lost due to the ineptness of the delivery company, Dataquest Intl were kind, fast, competent with exemplary customer service( before, during, after). I wont forget this- I have saved your details on my address book and I have begun spreading the word!
    Thank you very much:)

  • Jim Coomber says:

    I have had the pleasure of knowing John and Dan for over 10 years. During this time they have set up my computers, resurrected them when sick, got me on line, recovered data from damaged hard drives, advised and updated operating systems.

    All queries and emergencies, real or imagined have been met with the same friendly, professional manner, without drama and with total success.

    Apart from the inconvenience of having a sick computer it is always a pleasurable and rewarding experience to contact Dataquest. Their service is never less than outstanding with disasters resolved as a matter of course. The existence of the company continues to provide reassurance that their undoubted expertise is available when in difficulty.

    I therefore unhesitatingly recommend Dataquest confident that this unique company will deliver the very best service.

    My sincere thanks for the years of support.


  • We have used Dataquest International for many years, primarily for recovery of our Business and Home customers data. The level of service is second to none with a friendly and Professional attitude.

  • Catherine Farrell says:

    Dataquest International have proved to be highly skilled and professional specialists who successfully recovered all my data from coffee drenched hard drive which I was told by another company could not be saved. How glad I am to have found them and will highly recommend to all. John Wilson was very kind and the process was seamless. I send my sincere thanks.

  • Matthew clark says:

    DataQuest really helped me out 2 years ago with a hard drive that was locked/wiped on my Macbook Pro,

    I recently called up for advice after another issue and they were incredibly, helpful, caring and professional.

    I would genuinely recommend them to anyone needing data recovery.

    Thank you so much


  • Filipe says:

    I cannot thank Dataquest enough for their incredible service. They were fast, friendly, very helpful and very efficient at recovering the data that I urgently needed from a portable hard-drive… and all in time for me to to meet a work deadline. I highly recommend their services. Thank you again to everyone there!

  • Nicky Buckland says:

    Great service, friendly and helpful, managed to recover some very important documents after hard drive failed. Speedy service too – I thought it would take a lot longer! thank you

  • Kerry Nugent says:

    Excellent service, I was really impressed with the professional approach to resolving my data recovery problem. The team kept me informed of the progress of the job and resolved my problem.

  • Heather Herbert says:

    Have been extremely pleased with the service I received. Dataquest have retrieved as much a they possible could off my hard drive & were always in touch to keep me unto date as to how the process was going

  • John Biddlecombe says:

    Excellent company, very helpful, did not make you feel like you knew nothing, and could talk at your level. I am sure working on very old flash cards is not there normal area of work. But I now have all that history back on my Pision again. A good experience !

  • Debbie Ash says:

    Dataquest were brilliant, I would always use them and recommend them to all my business and private colleagues
    their pricing and commitment to getting the job done, adds to their can do attitude

  • Steve Lake says:

    Dataquest were recommended to us and we were told they were very extremely good at what they do….and that was exactly what we found out too. Very professional, thorough and reasonably priced. We had two drives that we needed data recovered from and Dataquest were successful in doing just that.

  • David Lee says:

    I work in IT and have used Dataquest for several jobs over the years, probably about 6/8 times. Each time they were 100% successful at recovering the data.

    They are upfront with their costs and have always done what they said they would.

    I will always recommend Dataquest to my clients for data recovery.

  • Clive Watson says:

    Yet another Crisis diverted! Server Raid drives broken, Client needs data from them urgently. Sent to DQ and Data recovered within 3 days onto an external HDD. No drama just a professional and value for money job done yet again. Many thanks guys

  • Felicity Maxwell says:

    Fantastic service from start to finish- very quick turnaround, fast responses to queries. Plus all my data from my broken ipod was retrieved. They supplied a hard drive to send it back. Quite pricey but much less expensive than replacing all my music. Thanks so much dataquest!

  • Pierre Cudon says:

    My mac crash up as the memory was packed. I contacted them by Kingston Apple shop we suggest them. Very good! Good communication, they saved all my data on a 1tb external driver and I found the price of this external hard driver cheap. So I had my mac, my data back and an external driver. Very happy!!

  • Craig Sayer says:

    Dataquest are our main data recovery specialist for a while now and they have proved themselves time and time again for multiple hard drive recoveries. There service has been very quick and efficient and they have recovered data from drives we really were not expecting to get data back from at all. Their emergency service has also proved to be very good even on a bank holiday weekend! Serviceweb (Apple Authorised Service Provider) can highly recommend Dataquest for data recovery work.

  • Keith Glover says:

    Great result, as usual, from the guys at Dataquest – reasonable pricing, perfectly executed work and great result.
    Thanks John and Dan

  • Ben Morrison says:

    A great service! The quote I was given was a lot cheaper than any of their competitors (or at least those with anywhere near the same success rate). I got all my data back very quickly which was an absolute life saver – Thanks!

  • Edward Davies says:

    Dataquest service was first rate with very useful advice as what to do re new drives and transferring the recovered data back etc. The most helpful aspect was being able to talk to people at the ‘phone that expressed Dataquest’s proposals in language non ‘techies’ could understand.

  • Neal says:

    Fantastic service from Dataquest and significantly more cost effective than other quotes I had received to recover all my hard drive data, programmes, pictures, videos etc.etc. when my laptop crashed unexpectedly. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody.

  • Luke McDonald says:

    Dataquest were recommended by the nice guy in my local computer shop. They recovered 1,482 images from my girlfriend’s faulty SD card. Excellent service and communication throughout the process. I would highly recommend their services, and the great thing is, if they don’t recover anything they don’t charge you.

  • Pippy says:

    In July last year I went to my local instant photo printing machine in a large highstreet store. I had just used my camera and it worked fine, I put the SD card in the machine and it was taking forever to load, I left it 15 minutes and gave up. I then put the card back in my camera and it no longer worked… I put it in my computer too and no luck – there was no way of getting my photos back! I went to 2 local camera and printing stores who also had no luck at fixing the SD card, I sent it away to a recovery company called Dataquest International and they also were unable to retrieve them… they did however give me the best advice which was to send the card away to Germany!
    The reason I was so adamant in getting these photos back was because they were from my time working on the Olympic Torch Relay in London 2012 – which is something I’ll never experience ever again!! Also there were photos from going to watch Volleyball at Earls Court at the Olympics – again something I’ll never get to see again. I love having memories and was absolutely devastated to have lost these photos. I always load my photos onto my computer, but due to working on the road I hadn’t been able to.
    After sending my SD card to Germany I was so ecstatic to get an email shortly after saying that they had been able to retrieve all 3097 photos and 14 videos! The problem I now have is saving the money to get these amazing photos back – the hightreet store had said they would pay for this, but unfortunately all they did was buy me a new SD card to replace the broken one.
    …Links removed by admin…

  • Simon Nye says:

    Friendly and efficient service, and all the important data on my son’s mysteriously imploded hard drive was recovered. Very happy to recommend Dataquest.

  • Justin Allison says:

    An over-full and heavily over-stressed hard drive on my MacBook caused a potentially career-wrecking crash. DataQuest was one of two firms recommended by my long-term Mac guru – and though it was far further away from me than the other one, it was the one I chose. They’re efficient, friendly and provide great after-service too. Can’t say too many good things about them.

  • Roger Brown says:

    First class friendly service. I lost all my daughter’s university work and my wife’s photos on a corrupted external hard drive. Dataquest recovered everything for me which wasn’t straightforward. Learnt my lesson regarding backup. No hesitation in recommending them to others.

  • Steve Abbott says:

    I dropped my external hard drive, losing in the region of 3500 hours of course work. Panic ye not as Dataquest managed to salvage my entire contents and I didn’t lose a thing, not even a full stop! Great service for the individual home user and would certainly reccommend. Thanks all at Dataquest.

  • Clare J says:

    Raid system failed, fileserver down, 17 people unable to work…….our IT support couldn’t retrieve the data, we were stymied until we were recommended Dataquest who absolutely brilliantly dealt with the crisis. They retrieved the data faster than we could have hoped and efficiently returned it to us for reinstalling on our new server. In the nicest possible way I hope I never need to use the service again but I will recommend it whenever I am asked.

  • Mike Horsley says:

    We’ve used Dataquest in the past on several occasions and as per normal the service has been prompt, professional and friendly. I do (and would) recommend.

  • Bill says:

    By far the best data recovery service I found when my Mac laptop went belly up recently. Dataquest was really focused on getting my system back up in both a time- and cost-effective manner and gave me great advice along the way. Thanks, guys!

  • Clare Leigh says:

    I thought I had lost 8 years worth of photos when other companies told me that my HD was irretrievable…Dataquest Int from the start, instilled me with confidence, saying that they would be able to cover some/most of my data!
    They came highly recommended and I can also highly recommend them!
    Fantastic communication throughout!
    Thank you!!

  • Denna Jones says:

    Twice in the last five years I’ve had catastrophic data loss. Twice it’s been fully recovered by Dataquest. First time was HD failure. No backup. The second was a few months ago. I failed to properly eject my new external backup. Refused to mount. Called Dataquest in complete panic. Now this is where DQ really demonstrate commitment to customers. Calmly and with just the right amount of humour to lighten the situation, Dan talked me down and then went through a few options. One of them worked. Data transferred and problem solved. No charge. Brilliant. But just weeks later two new external HD failed simultaneously. No problem I thought, I’m using Time Machine. Except I wasn’t. I hadn’t grasped the fact TM is an opt-in not opt-out system, so although I thought I was backing up externals, I was only backing up the internal HD. Dataquest recovered everything. The bill was totally reasonable given their expertise. I would not trust my data with anyone else. Hopefully I am wiser now. I’ve figured out TM and am using the cloud, but you never know. Sh*t happens. They might see me yet again . . .

  • Claire says:

    I wiped off 18 months of footage of my daughter on my camcorder by mistake, I was devastated. I took it into Jessops but they couldn’t help. I phoned different companies and I was quoted £250 each side of the disc to recover the data! I contacted Dataquest who were really friendly and helpful and couldn’t believe how reasonable the price was! They recovered all of the data I thought I had lost forever and I am absolutely amazed with the results. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

  • Lianne Vriend says:

    After my hard drive broke down, I tried several companies if they could recover the information. All gave it a try but were not able to. In the end my drive ended up at Dataquest International, and I have now received my drive back, with a complete recovery everything that was on it! And as they incluced my wedding pictures, you can imagine how happy I am. Thank you very much John Wilson (and others that might have worked on it)!

  • David Miller says:

    Fantastic service from start to finish. All files recovered succesfully and without fiss. Would throroughly recommend.

  • When I was at the end of my tether after having another data company quote £1000 and subsequently lose my hard drive for 3 weeks, I was recommended Dataquest by a friend and a very friendly engineer who knew what he was talking about explained everything over the phone openly and honestly and within a week all the data had been recovered for a third of the previous quote. We are over the moon.

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