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If your disk has failed or you’ve lost data, WE CAN HELP! Since 1998 we’ve saved millions of files for thousands of users. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some recent reviews. We are based in Portsmouth & cover the whole of the UK.

Most damage to data happens AFTER the original failure!

Data Saving Tips

Follow the tips below to avoid losing more data. We have a more in-depth version of these tips on our blog.

  • Don’t run anything that tries to scan, repair or fix your drive.
  • Don’t download any software to the disk.
  • If the disk is clicking, switch it off.
  • Don’t reinstall or restore the computer as it will overwrite the data permanently.
  • If you see your data, copy it off, as it might be the last chance you get.

What You Get From Us

  • Safe Data Recovery by an Independent UK business.
  • Friendly phone support before, during, and after you use our service.
  • All costs agreed upfront. No unexpected bills.
  • Great success rates. Even for really bad drives.
  • All work carried out by us, in-house.
  • We never give up on a drive until all options are exhausted. Even if others already have.

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